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Understanding Composition Guide ($19)

In just 2hrs of reading, you'll discover the fundamental composition secrets to start creating your own exciting, award-winning photography! You save $21!

What You Get Today:

Understanding Composition Instant Digital Book Download: 9 Chapters of world-class content designed to give you a clear understanding of composition Fundamentals! Includes multiple case-studies and assignments.(a $40 value)

Instant lifetime access: Go through the material at your own pace. As many times as you need. Download, print or view online. Whenever you like.

(FREE Bonus) A Printable Checklist of the Rules and Tools of Composition: Toss this checklist into your camera bag and use it as a convenient reference, while you’re shooting in the field! (a $10 value)

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Unlock the entire Premium eBook library, spanning multiple topics and concepts! (over $1829+ value)

Join Over 200,000 Happy Photographers Who Learn With Us:

"A very comprehensive guide. I need to go back and read parts again. The assignments were an excellent way to reinforce the new info." – Norah C.
"Succinct and helpful. Not too much text, lots of photographs with pertinent, pithy comments. Well done. Easy to revisit and dabble in." – Andrew L.

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